British Columbia’s favourite comprehensive guide to strata law!

Now in it’s third edition with over 14,000+ copies sold to condo owners and real estate professionals since 2001
and over 1,000+ online users, this guide is designed for you.

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The Condominium Manual is the most comprehensive plain-language guide to strata law and condominium ownership in British Columbia.

  • Comprehensive trusted guide written in plain language
  • Full of examples and easy to understand explanations of complex issue
  • A favourite resource for property managers, strata council members and lawyers
  • Accessible by online subscription and in print
  • Written by one of British Columbia’s most trusted lawyers and real estate teachers

An invaluable resource for owners, strata council members, real estate licensees and even lawyers, The Condominium Manual is also a standard text for licensed Property Managers in British Columbia.


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The Condominium Manual - 3rd edition - A Comprehensive Guide to Strata Law in British Columbia
The Condominium Manual is available in an affordable softcover print edition. It is available in bookstores in British Columbia and through the online store.

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The Condominium Manual ONLINE EDITIONis an innovative online reference guide that combines the best of both print and digital worlds. It features a simple, easy to read layout and compatibility with all major browsers and devices. Only available by subscription on, The Condominium Manual ONLINE always includes the latest edition of the book, regular updates, links to cases and statutes and easy indexed searching.
Comprehensive tablet and mobile compatible strata property guide
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  • 2012 Georgia Straight Best of Vancouver.

    Best place to learn about condo law

    Georgia Straight Best of Vancouver 2012

    Vancouver lawyer Mike Mangan’s greatest claim to fame these days is his son Dan Mangan, who is one of Canada’s most popular indie singer-songwriters. But the father is no slouch when it comes to legal issues concerning condos. His gargantuan 2010 book, The Condominium Manual: A Comprehensive Guide to Strata Law in British Columbia (Strata Publishing), addresses every conceivable problem that can arise, including renting a suite, paying for repairs to common property, fixing windows, and resolving disputes with strata councils. The Condominium Manual is 652 pages, which shows how complicated this area of the law has become. But it’s written in a clear way, making it easier for people who feel intimidated venturing into the legal arena.


    Mangan’s condo book answers
    many questions

    The Vancouver Sun
    Suzanne Morphet, August 6, 2011

    Had I known about Mike Mangan’s book, The Condominium Manual, when I started writing this column, it would have answered a lot of questions. As someone new to the world of strata, I found all the rules and regulations perplexing.

    The Condominium Manual breaks down
    strata law in B.C.

    Georgia Straight,
    Charlie Smith, December 22, 2010

    He wasn’t kidding when he included the word “comprehensive” in the title. This 589-page doorstop covers everything a developer, buyer, owner, or agent would want to know about the topic.

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    A trusted lawyer and teacher to over 10,000 real estate licensees.

    Mike Mangan on CFAX 1070 Victoria

    Mike Mangan on AM 1150 Kelowna

    For over 12 years, people have relied on The Condominium Manual!

    The 3rd edition of The Condominium Manual by Mike Mangan is an indispensable “must have it” guide for everyone involved with strata properties in B.C. Lawyers, Notaries, Realtors, Property Mangers and every strata council member should keep a copy close at hand. This convenient and comprehensive book is my primary resource for the many issues that arise in regard to condos in B.C.
    Ron Usher, B.Sc., J.D, General Counsel, Society of Notaries Public of BC
    As a Managing Broker, I use this often as the main resource for strata property questions that arise throughout the office. It is a great source of information.
    Cliff Moberg, President of the Vancouver Island Real Estate Board, Managing Broker, Sutton Group-West Coast Realty (Duncan)
    This is the essential tool for all representatives and Brokers. The condominium manual will help make you more professional. Everyone should have this valuable resource.
    Moss Moloney, President of the British Columbia Real Estate Association
    The Condominium Manual is an essential resource for practitioners of real estate sales and strata property management. Strata Council members and owner of strata titled properties will find it very useful as well.
    Bill Dick, Managing Broker, Macdonald Realty (Kerrisdale)
    As a REALTOR™, Real Estate Instructor and Associate Broker, I believe that Mike Mangan’s latest edition of The Condominium Manual is a must have reference book for anyone requiring in-depth information concerning strata properties. The Manual is easy to read and covers the whole range of topics necessary to educate and inform Condominium Owners, as well as Strata Managers and Real Estate Associates. I have often referred to Mike’s previous editions of The Condominium Manual when advising my clients, colleagues and students on strata issues, and am pleased to have his latest edition which includes up to date amendments to the Strata Property Act and new court decisions.
    Rosemary Barnes, Director of the Real Estate Errors and Omissions Insurance Corporation

    Meet the Team


    Mike Mangan, BA, LLB


    Mike Mangan, Vancouver Strata LawyerCalled to the British Columbia bar for 29 years, Mike Mangan is an experienced lawyer, teacher and author. Recognized for his ability to describe legal matters in plain terms, he has appeared on CTV and Shaw television, and on CBC, CKNW and CFUN radio in Vancouver. Mike has also been the subject of newspaper articles in the Vancouver Sun, Business In Vancouver and the Victoria Times Colonist.
    Until July 2009, Mike served for eight years as an Adjunct Professor of Law in the Faculty of Law at the University of British Columbia, where he taught real estate law. He continues to teach real estate law in the Real Estate Division of U.B.C.’s Sauder School of Business. Among British Columbia’s real estate boards, Mike is a well-known lecturer who, by a conservative estimate, has taught over 22,000 real estate licensees since 1992.

    Mike was the first Practice Standards Advisor for the Law Society of British Columbia. He has helped design programs to teach lawyers, notaries and real estate agents to avoid claims.

    Mike is the author of The Condominium Manual: A Comprehensive Guide to Strata Law in British Columbia, now in its third edition. From 1999 to 2004 he was revisions author for real estate agency matters in the B.C. Real Estate Practice Manual published by the Continuing Legal Education Society of British Columbia. He is a contributing author to Falconbridge on Mortgages, 5th edition, a legal text used by lawyers and judges across Canada. It is published by Canada Law Book Inc.. Mike is also the principal author of the British Columbia Real Estate Association’s Legal Update, a comprehensive annual review of court cases, Real Estate Council decisions, and new legislation affecting real estate licensees. In addition, he is the principal author of What If …?, a real estate text published by U.B.C. and distributed, in part, by the Real Estate Council of British Columbia.

    In addition, from 1999 to 2005 Mike was the editor of Directors’ Liability in Canada, a national legal text published by STP Specialty Technical Publishers, Inc. He is also the principal author of The Annotated British Columbia Society Act, a book providing annual summaries of every significant court case decided under our societies legislation. The text is published by Canada Law Book Inc. and is designed for use by non-lawyers and lawyers alike. In 2007 Mike was also appointed a member of the British Columbia Law Institute’s Society Act Reform Project, where he helped to draft proposed new legislation for non-profit societies in B.C.

    In 1994, Mike developed Board Members At Risk, a three-hour seminar to teach directors of non-profit societies and similar organizations about their duties and liabilities as board members and how to reduce their individual risk. Over 1500 directors across British Columbia have taken this seminar.

    He has also served as a director of various community organizations.

    Please note that Mike maintains an extensive teaching, travel and writing schedule.
    He is not accepting new clients for legal matters at this time.

    Neil Mangan, JD

    Editor and Online Manager

    Neil Mangan, Vancouver Strata Lawyer
    A lawyer with Small Law Corporation in Vancouver, Neil Mangan devotes much of his legal practice to helping strata corporations and strata property owners improve strata corporation governance, resolve disputes, enforce bylaws and collect unpaid strata fees and special assessments. Neil also assists clients with real estate development, corporate, technology and entertainment matters.

    In addition editing The Condominium Manual, Neil develops and manages He is co-author of the Annotated British Columbia Society Act, published by Canada Law Book and the Strata Law Guide published online at Neil has also been a regular contributor to various blogs and commercial publications, including the New Home Guide and New Condo Guide.

    Prior to practicing law, Neil worked for one of Vancouver’s largest legal compliance software providers, was vice president of a private college and tour manager for one of Vancouver’s favourite musicians.

    If you would like to work with Neil, please contact
    or call (604) 229-2620 to book an appointment.