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About Neil Mangan

Neil Mangan develops and manages www.CondoManual.ca and is the editor of The Condominium Manual, British Columbia's most successful print and subscription strata publication. Neil leads the strata property practice group at Bell Alliance, Lawyers & Notaries Public in Vancouver, British Columbia. He also co-authors the Annotated British Columbia Society Act and the online Strata Law Guide at www.StrataLaw.ca. Neil is a frequent contributor to a number of blogs and publications, including the New Home Guide and the New Condo Guide. Neil

New Civil Resolution Tribunal Overview Available

British Columbia’s new Civil Resolution Tribunal is now accepting claims. As we prepare for the upcoming launch of the 4th edition of The Condominium Manual, Mike Mangan has prepared an overview of the new Civil Resolution Tribunal system for strata councils, strata property owners and property managers.

You can view and download the overview at www.condomanual.ca/civil-resolution-tribunal/

New Website – Updated Products, Design and Improved Security

After many months of behind the scenes work, we are pleased to announce the completion of a significant website upgrade.

In an effort to improve usability and security, the entire website has been migrated to a more modern and secure online platform. Some of the highlights of this change include:


Product Changes


Online Edition (TCM Online) Improvements


Online Store Improvements


Security and User Experience


User Account Update

In order to ensure optimal security, all existing account holders registered under the previous website must login using a new password. Updated passwords have been supplied via email alert or may be manually reset by users at http://condomanual.ca/my-account/lost-password/.

If […]